Create Something Magical

I set out to tell a story with my first art shoot.

The idea came over me as I flipped through the many super talented photographers that I follow on my Instagram feed and I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to come up with a shoot that I could totally run free with. I put the call out on Facebook and I was referred to Kelsey Gorter, by her brother-in-law and my good friend Kevin Bruinsma. Once I had a model, all  I needed was to figure out my story. I reached out to the multi-talented Christina Mays of 27 Dresses Design and she let me borrow a custom made headpiece for my shoot. I loved it so much that I focused my story around this object, which I wasn't expecting. I am really happy with the results and what I learned about going through the paces of doing a shoot like this. I can't wait to do another one and experiment with new objects, concepts and colors. 

Joseph GonzalezComment