Details to Remember: Tia Angie's House

I recently stopped by my aunts house on the East side of Chicago to take down the Christmas lights for my grandfather. It was a nice short visit, my grandfather told me a couple stories and I got to see my grandmother and tia Angie. My aunt and grandfather went off to church and I then proceeded to go outside and take down the lights in the front of the house. I couldn't help but realize that all of the small details that made my aunts house her home were the same details that made up my happiest memories. The following photos hold special meaning to me and my time with my many cousins. On the surface they wouldn't mean anything to anyone but I have a certain connection with each one of them and I'm glad I've taken the time to document them in this post. 

Hello out there: The tangle of power lines and telephone wires were always very interesting to me. I used to try to follow each one with my eye and imagine where they lead to. 

Jungle Gym: The front porch of her house was our ship, battle station, home base, tree house and sanctuary. I would climb over and on top of these railings for hours.  

Club house: These were windows that were inside of a closet in the a bedroom. From the inside it offered beautiful bright white light. 

Rock wall: I always found it strange that the next door neighbor had this rock wall in the front of their house. We always tried to climb this but was never successful. I look at it now, later in life, and I can't believe how easy it is to climb now. 

Runway: We ran, raced and jumped down this gangway. It was the stretch of side walk that I loved the most. I knew that when I walked down this sidewalk to the backyard I was going to be safe, feed, loved and cared for. (That's still true today.)

Water fountain: The cool metallic taste of the water hose is something no one can forget. 

Security System: I always felt safe and protected by this little lock. 

Shield: We used to huddle under this awning for protection from rain. Throw balls off of it, take turns trying to touch it and then finally hanging from it.

Iron Wall: I can't remember one of these glass blinds ever breaking. We played baseball, football, Frisbee and a hand full of other games in this little backyard and never once do I remember one of these thing breaking.  

Monkey Bar: This steal bar extended out from the house and garage and I believe they were to hold clothes lines. But we used them to swing and hang from for hours and hours. 

As time goes by and the family gets older I appreciate the small things that up my childhood. 

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