Wake Up, Sleeper

When your friend ask you if you want to create a painting in the woods to illustrate the resurrection of Christ the only thing you say is, YES. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with some amazing guys - to bring Kevin Bruinsma's idea to life. The story boards and concept were pretty cool, it was neat to see someone else's creative process unfold. It also felt good to be a part of a project where I got to do the fun stuff and none of the planning, shooting, editing, thinking or preparation. These guys love what they do and it showed. Waking up at 3 am to be on set by 4:30am is not for the weak. We had some technical issues but that did not stop Levi Arnold, Josh Roeda and the other guys from pressing on and working out the details. I'm grateful and blessed to know these guys and to be able to create something cool for such a meaningful purpose. This video was shown during the opening of Easter Service at Faith Church and the finished paintings were shown on stage.   

Dave Boomker - Camera Assistant
Ronnie Holmes - Production Assistant
Joe Porter - Production Assistant - Behind the Scenes 
Kevin Bruinsma - Video Producer/Director
Neil Murphy - Assistant Director
James Conlin - Production Assistant
Levi Arnold - Camera Operator / Movi Operator
Josh Roeda - Director of Photography
Rashaan Taylor - Production Assistant
Tyler Pomeroy - Camera Assistant
Joe Gonzalez - The Running Man

Special Thanks to The Ravines Retreat Center for location
Tammy L for the yummy craft services

Other Details:
Red Epic Dragon
300 fps
Movi M10
Aadyntech Eco Punch Plus
Rentals through Magnanimous Media Chicago
Soundtrack: AJ Hochhalter - "The Needle Moves" 
Licensed by The Music Bed

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