Meet Bridget

I haven't shot in awhile and got the itch the other day after I drove past this location. I really liked the tall grass to tree ratio and knew I could make it work. The trees were thick enough to give some good shade but tall enough to provide great side light. A winning combination. I contacted my co-worker, Bridget Earnshaw, for the shoot because she is a great photographer herself and would be patient to help me work through some ideas and posing. It was a great learning experience and would recommend shooting with other photographers because it allows you to get a different perspective on your work. I'd like to do more shots of other photographers in NWI, I think it could be a cool series. So watch out you might get a random email from me like Bridget did. 

Here are some shots from our session. View more on my Facebook page: Blackbean Photography

I haven’t had my picture taken in forever
— Bridget Earnshaw
What if we shot from this direction instead
— Bridget Earnshaw

Learn more about Bridget, visit her website or on Facebook.

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