Getting Thrifty


I had the idea of doing a shoot in a library. I wanted to get some cool shots of someone in the shelves playing with the books. Autumn was my model and did a great job doing her thing in the Munster library. But as we shot I felt limited by the environment and the lighting wasn't what I had in mind. After a few shots we wrapped up there and headed to another library in Hammond. But once we got there it was shut down and a random business occupied the space. Enter Plan B! We then decided on a local thrift store down the street would be a neat location. Hammond Salvage fit the bill and it was filled with cool spots and pockets of natural light to die for.


It was great just experimenting with poses and props. The space was cluttered but interesting. Autumn was a good sport and totally down for whatever. I could do five more shoots here. 



All of these shots were taken with available light. I had a reflector but it was so tight in there that I wasn't able to use it without knocking something over. I think a single strobe would have been cool with some smoke, next time...


I used a broken prism to create some of these light effects in camera. Turning it in front of my lens combined with the different light sources made for some cool effects. 

The ring of Fire lens flare was added in post. I really love that effect and want to overuse it as soon as possible :)  


Thanks for reading! Wanna shoot together? Hit me up!  

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