Life Cube Project

On a recent family vacation to Las Vegas I had the pleasure of stumbling upon the Life Cube Project. One night around 10:30 pm I was scrolling through Instagram and searched #downtownlasvegas. Earlier in our trip I noticed a bunch of great murals in downtown Vegas and wanted to see if there were pictures of them under that hashtag. As I scrolled I came across this large lit up structure that people were painting on. I did some digging and found out that the Life Cube Project was happening right then and there. A 24 hour opportunity to paint on this really neat community art piece. So I changed out of my pajamas, grabbed my camera and took the rental car to downtown Vegas around 11:30 at night. 

I pulled up to a pretty awesome sight. Music was playing, people were painting and talking to each other, lights were flashing. It was pretty "Vegas" for an art "thing." I walked around it for a little bit just checking out what other people had drawn and wrote. The purpose of the cube is: Is to engage, interact, and be a ephemeral installation - connecting art and community. Each Life Cube inspires thousands of participants to write and share their goals, dreams, wishes, and aspirations. The Life Cube is a community art installation which provides an engaging and interactive place for the shared expression of ambitions, dreams, goals, and wishes. The project encourages participants to look at their past, engage in the present, and set goals for the future. It is based on the artist’s belief that if you write down what you want to accomplish in life, the chances of attaining it are much, much higher! 

Not knowing all that awesomeness, I picked up a brush and headed over to the smaller cubes that were sprinkled around the large structure. I took the opportunity to do a quick piece of my monsters. It was nice having people watch as I painted and ask questions or make comments. Its rare for anyone to watch me paint besides my own family, so that was neat. It was a real creative and positive vibe that lingered in the air. Everyone was very approachable and made for a great experience. After all is said and done the cube is burnt at Burning Man, releasing all of the art, thoughts and dreams into the universe.

After I was done I remembered the murals that graced the walls of a few buildings I drove by. I grabbed my camera and walked around for a few capturing some shots of these large works of art. It was nice out and very quiet which was odd for being a Vegas night.

Joseph GonzalezComment