Looking Through a Window

I love photographs of people looking through a window or sitting in a car. A layer of goodness is created between the subject and the lens which often leads to interesting compositions and light. I wanted to achieve this look in some of the photos that I have already taken. So I got the creative wheels spinning and I shot a bunch of windows and used them as overlays which turned out to be a fun and cool experiment with great results. The cool thing about these overlays is that you can change the hue and saturation, use a curves adjustment and mask or clone parts of them with way more flexibility than if you were to actually take the shot with a person behind a window. Below are a couple examples. This works best on photos with a dark background. 

Using these overlays are simple. You can download all 12 with the link below. These were all shot and blurred in-camera which for an genuine effect. You can't get these blurs by blurring a photo in Photoshop ;). Just set the blending mode of the layer to screen and then tweak from there!

Can't wait to see what you all create, tag me or share with me what you do with them. Enjoy! 

Download links is a dropbox folder. 

Joseph GonzalezComment