The Pop-Up: Artist Joseph Gonzalez

The Pop-Up show starts today and voting runs through July 17th at 11:59pm. I am happy to be one of the many talented artists in the show! Each piece gets one vote per day, you can vote in person at the location or online. So what is this all about? 

The Pop-Up: A Valparaiso Art Experience, is a regional art competition brought to you by Valparaiso Events and The Enclave Project. The best part is: YOU decide the winner.
Over the course of 11 days, Valparaiso will become an artistic playground where anyone can find a form of art that inspires or spurs conversations about what art is and why it matters. Each day the community will be engaged with displays of both the visual and performing arts. Artwork from around the region will “pop-up” in neighborhood businesses for all to enjoy.  Whether you stop by for a day or all eleven, there is sure to be dynamic events available for all ages. Voting stations will be set up at select venues, as well as online where you can help decide the winner!

That's right YOU—the public—decide the winner. Cash prizes will be given out to the artist with the most votes. I'm asking you, America (insert finger waving politician photo here), for your vote!! Check out these venues to view all of the art around Valpo:

More importantly... my work will be at location 16 Memorial Opera House and location 21 Unity Studios. Go there and vote for my pieces—please and thank you!

Find my pieces and vote for them by posting a picture on the social media source of your choice with the hashtag #voteforjoe2016—I'll view those posts and select one lucky person to receive one of my pieces!

Best of luck to all the artists involved and I look forward to seeing this event prosper and grow.