Insight 2016

Each year the Insight Design Conference gets better. I'm not just saying that because I have to, I really do believe that this event adds value to the creative community of Northwest Indiana. Over the years I've witnessed many profitable, meaningful and lasting connections. We creative folks are naturally comfortable in our own space and/or close friends - Insight forces us to get out of that comfort zone and mingle with local folks who have the same love and passions. If you have never been to Insight then just know one thing. The room is filled with folks just like you and it is the easiest room to unwind and meet new people. From 18 to 85, photographers, designers, artist, web peeps, weirdos and kool kids theres something from everyone.

This years line up of speakers are a must see. 12 in all, will take the stage for a 5 minute mind dump of healthy goodness. I learn something new every year and after 8 years of this event I'm much better off. Ten bucks goes a long way  too it covers food, drinks and a goody bag. 

Check out this highlight video of last years event and visit us at Ready to register? Click the button below.

Joseph GonzalezComment