Hunt & Gather: March show


I had the pleasure of participating in Hunt & Gather this year, it was great meeting new people and putting a face with a name to fellow artist. The event was packed and full of great energy. I'm glad I entered, it forced me to get some new pieces done and it scratched my itch of wanting to know what it was all about. All of it couldn't be possible without a lot of help from family and friends. I have to give a special thanks to: 

My wife Lisa, for putting up with my long nights in the studio and keeping the wheels on the bus while I was distracted, love you babe! 

Brian Conferio for dropping off wood at my house and for lugging that stuff from work multiple times. 

Jose Burgos for providing me with wood as well ( I made a table out of an extra piece)! That is huge. 

Dave Adent, for letting me borrow saws and equipment that allowed me to build my booth. 

Ernesto Martines for letting me borrow a jigsaw in the zero hour when mine died mid cut. 

Coty & Jill Mansfield for letting me borrow your sander and also working my booth Friday night, thank you so much! 

Joseph GonzalezComment