Your food looks as good as it tastes!




80% of people that search for restaurants want to see the menu before eating there and 70% want to read it on their smartphone. Having great images of your food, for your website, review sites and menu, are critical in today's market.

Customers want to see what they are going to eat before they ever step foot into your restaurant, why not give them what they are looking for. Having a proper image library of your best dishes will give you an advantage over the competition. 

I love photographing bright, colorful and clean images that showcase the food and ingredients.

Each client and restaurant has its own look and feel, it is important your food looks and feels like its your food. I will help you style and plate your dishes in a real but appealing way. 


Rich, complex and creative

Whatever style you are looking for, I can meet your needs. My background in branding and design allows me to look further down the road when creating your images. My knowledge of composition and in-camera cropping give you usable images that go beyond just a pretty picture. 

Re-imagine standard dishes

Some of the most profitable dishes on your menu might not be the most you may think. I can help you make the most basic menu items look appetizing.